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The most complete wig classification in history
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TEMA: The most complete wig classification in history
The most complete wig classification in history hace 1 Mes, 1 Semana Karma: 0
Take a detailed look at the middle end of the high end wig at the bottom. If this article introduces their forms, advantages and drawbacks respectively, you can be more assured in the collection of pergolas!

1. Ultra-low-end hair percussions.

Why should human hair be taken separately from the super low end? This type of wig is very low, so it can be used only for a few emergency purposes. To put the benefit almost no, in real hair 'color hair' the hair is the most wasteful thing, the inner net is a mechanism, it feels really difficult, it is painful and can be an abrasive scalp. Up to the top of your head, a bit of scalp is attached. This type of wig is generally cheaper than buying a high end hair wig, which just isn't as sweet.

2. Human coat wigs low end

The human hair wig is a table pig, which satisfies the daily requirements. The general application of this form of wig hair quality comes from real hair; hair quality is a few times lower than natural hair wear and is known as super low-end human hair wig. The first half of the hand woven or the local needle passing is essentially low-end human hair.

Such perk can guarantee the practical scalp of the perch in principle, but cannot guarantee the comfort of the perch. It is not advised that the center of modeling would show the layer wrong. This wig is also known as wig in front of the layer. The price ratio is still fairly high and is very good for beginners.

3. Human middle range hair pergola

The human hair perch in the middle end is a very, very nice perch, hair consistency, manufacturing and very detailing are done. The hair that is being used is on the tissue hair, this hair is known as the best hair in the pork industry, usually fulfill the plan for long term customer's to wear wig, we'll suggest buying along the twisted hair wig.

This type of wig process must be done with both hands, usually is the first half of the process of the dual needle + breathable net hand woven. But with human hair perch in low end, the disadvantage is that they have laying before the wig. If the bangs are not super high, some would be able to wear a perch in view of the layers. It is also advisable to wear bangs before there is a very high wearing method.

4. High-end human wigs

High-end human hair wig belongs to the luxury of the wig industry, such as full head needle delivery process, full lace needle delivery process, full lace needle delivery process, medical network process and so on are all high-end human hair wig.

These wigs are either made of good material or made of good workmanship. For example, Human Hair Lace Front Wigs does not have layers of wigs. After wearing viscose, it can not be seen that the wigs are worn, and it is OK to expose the neck when tied up. Like the whole head needle delivery wig is really by the process, the whole head is a simulation of the scalp can be sewn at will, not the general workers can hook out, not to mention the whole lace + full needle delivery wig.
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