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How To Clean Water Wave Hair Correctly?
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TEMA: How To Clean Water Wave Hair Correctly?
How To Clean Water Wave Hair Correctly? hace 2 Semanas, 1 Día Karma: 0
Nowadays, wig makes you feel great, looks fantastic, and fits your requirements is all about giving you a wonderful feeling, an impressive appearance, and all the comfort you need. How long can a water wave hair last? The average service life of synthetic water wave hair - depending on the wearing frequency - is 1 / 2 to 1 year. If you just rarely wear a wig and treat it well, it can last longer. Next, we are going to tell you how to clean water wave hair correctly.

​How to clean water wave hair correctly?
Here, the same applies: unlike real hair, water wave hair themselves are not greased - so they don't have to be cleaned regularly. If your wig is sweating or dirty, please follow the following steps: fill the bowl with warm water and add a mild shampoo (baby shampoo, wig shampoo). Put the wig in the water. Immerse it properly in water so that the synthetic hair can be well absorbed. Wait 10 minutes.

In the middle, you can gently move the wig back and forth in the water and knead it slightly. However, avoid strenuous exercise - never wring your wig dry. Then rinse your wig thoroughly with cold water. Repeat this process to avoid shampoo residue in synthetic hair. To dry, carefully place the wig on the head of the styrofoam and let it dry naturally. The same applies: do not wring or blow-dry! water wave hair doesn't like violence or heat. Therefore, do not use any heating equipment, such as a curling stick or straightener, for your wig.

How to store water wave hair correctly?
The best way is to put the wig on the foam polystyrene head to maintain its shape. Alternatively, you can fill the interior with paper or fabric - mainly the freetress water wave against something roughly shaped like the head. To prevent dust and solar radiation, we recommend that you also cover your wig with a thin cloth or - with a paper pad - store it in a sufficiently large cardboard box or breathable jute bag. Make sure your wig is protected from overheating during storage - cool and dry is best!
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