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Global wigs look at Shandong
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TEMA: Global wigs look at Shandong
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Some time ago, Cao County, rich in Hanfu, was on fire. In fact, in Shandong, there are many "treasure" counties and cities and "treasure" villages and towns that make small industries the ultimate. Shandong has not only China's "fake eyelash town", "Hanfu county", but also "kite village", "golden egg village" and "Guitar Town"... These industries are typical cases of leveraging economic development through small industries. These areas have also become a stunning microcosm of small cities' positioning through dislocation development. From now on, Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian will launch a series of plans for "realizing a well-off dream · entering treasure villages and towns", visit a series of "treasure" villages and towns in Shandong, and see how these places have realized their well-off dream through characteristic industries.

This street is more prosperous than many county towns, hiding three special identities: it is the world's largest high-end r China, where one-third of the hat decorations in the world come from; The jewelry processing industry has developed for more than 30 years, accounting for half of the jewelry industry in Qingdao

Drive 15 kilometers east from Jiaozhou City to the location of Ligezhuang town. The numerous factories divide this place into huge modules, and almost all the signs of each factory and store are printed in at least three languages. This ordinary town with an area of 75.8 square kilometers is making the world know it through the "head" industry.

Global wigs look at Shandong
It is said that there is an old saying in the false hair circle: the world wig depends on China, and the Chinese raw hair wig depends on Qingdao. Qingdao wig depends on Li Gezhuang. Wigs are Li Gezhuang's big industry. Since the 1980s, wigs have become a business card of Li Gezhuang all over the world. In the global high-end wig market, products from Ligezhuang account for more than 40%.

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian reporter saw in Ligezhuang Qingdao Shanghe cross border e-commerce industrial park that dozens of wigs were neatly placed around the exhibition area. These wigs are different in length, shape and style. According to different materials, the price ranges from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

"This wig is made of human hair, and the effect is the best." Gao Yuqian, head of Shanghai Cooperation cross border industrial park, picked up a very elegant and lifelike human hair wig. "This kind of high-end wig is generally customized by overseas customers. It will be made one-to-one according to each other's head shape, which is more natural and lifelike." the reporter's finger touch found that its hair quality is lifelike and smooth in time, Even the hair seams are difficult to distinguish between true and false. "The price of such a wig is not cheap. It needs about 15000 yuan."

According to Gao Yuqian, now Ligezhuang basically produces this kind of high-end human wig, with incomparable comfort and simulation. Stars such as the famous singer Beyonce have also ordered wigs here, which also makes Ligezhuang wigs famous all over the world. The development of the whole wig industry can be traced back to 40 years ago.
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