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FIFA 21: Eight Most Important Innovations
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TEMA: FIFA 21: Eight Most Important Innovations
FIFA 21: Eight Most Important Innovations hace 1 Semana, 1 Día Karma: 0
Video game development is so advanced that graphics are far from reality. It has become increasingly difficult for sports game developers to justify new components year after year. Game play is usually only adjusted in small details, from the graphics point of view, you will basically get the same thing.

As an exception, klome decided to abandon the new "Pro Evolution Soccer" this year, so it only released season updates with updates. Even if fans of FIFA want EA to do the same, or even call for a boycott *, the publishers are still loyal to their line and will soon publish FIFA 21. But after the series had to face a lot of criticism in recent years, the new part finally promised greater change《 FIFA 21 aims to improve these eight points:

FIFA 21: These are the eight most important innovations

On the FIFA 21 website, EA Sports lists the eight most important changes, focusing on the management of the game.

1. Interactive game simulation: this may be the biggest change of FIFA 21. Interactive game simulation seems to be a streamlined version of the football manager game. Players can go in and out of the game at will, such as penalty or free kick. Tactical changes can be made in the manager view.

2. The modified development system can track the development of players in training more actively. Players can also be trained in new positions.

3. New bissigkeits - value: bissigkeits value is a new attribute, which will affect the performance of players at critical moments.

4. Active training system: this makes it possible to organize group training to improve players' bite force. This includes the forward's final training or the guard's tackle training.

5. Activity management system: another additional function reminiscent of manager game. The event management system specifies how much training and how much rest the team will receive between games. Ideally, there is a balance between morale and health and malice.

6. Optimize opponents - AI: EA Sports promises that computer-controlled offensive and defensive opponents will take smarter actions and make wiser decisions to keep the game exciting.

7. New option, signing players: you can borrow or even barter through the purchase option. These should be able to be adjusted in detail - for example, an optional or binding transfer fee.

8. New basic customization options: before entering career mode, players can determine the settings that make the experience more or less realistic. These include "real transfers" or invest FIFA 21 Coins.

Based on these improvements, we can see that EA especially wants to improve the single player game mode. For many players, it's still very important, even though multiplayer games have come to the fore in recent years《 FIFA 21 will go on sale on October 9, with PS4, Xbox one and PC. The game will be released later for ps5 and Xbox series X, probably as a starter game. Anyone who buys the current version of the console will receive a free upgrade for the next generation
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