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Thermal flow meter - What is thermal flow meter?
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TEMA: Thermal flow meter - What is thermal flow meter?
Thermal flow meter - What is thermal flow meter? hace 1 Semana, 2 Días Karma: 0
Thermal gas mass flow meter is a flow meter that detects gas mass flow without temperature and pressure correction. Thermal flow meter No change in viscosity, density, temperature, or pressure. Thermal mass flow meters are built based on thermal diffusion. Measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, flare gas, argon, carbon dioxide, and other mixed gas flows. Gas mass flow meters are useful in various significant industries. Such technology put in pipes may detect gas. The gas mass flowmeter maker introduced the duty of monitoring pipeline flow rate. Volumetric flowmeter, known as constant flowmeter. It employs mechanical equipment measuring components to partition the fluid into discrete known volume sections. The total fluid volume flow is measured by the frequency of repeated filling and draining of fluid volume in the measuring chamber.

Vortex flowmeter for measuring nitrogen flow
With medium flow, gears mesh and revolve. Under the fluid flow action, a pressure differential is created at both ends of the intake and outflow. Power supply is not needed. A few gears move freely. The cavity between the gears is liquid-filled. Discharge and measure the number of gear rotations to know fluid and liquid moving through the device.
High-pressure strength (1.0-45MPa)
Temperature resistance (-196°C-200°C)
Can measure different viscous media
High precision, repeatability
Optional pulse/analog output
Widespread ratio (1:100)
Wide measurement range
Strong anti-corrosion and anti-fouling (acid and alkali)

Gas flow meter applications
Gas quality flow monitoring and furnace heating operation;
Petrochemical equipment, oil production plant, fuel quality flow measurement;
Air index flow monitoring and furnace control; radon mass flow and gas turbine generator control;
Food and beverage gas mass flow control; hydrogen mass flow control in waterworks;
Measurement of high-purity gas quality flow for producing semiconductor materials;
Measurement of metal flow and organic chemical preservatives;
Pump maintenance and operation, pump tightness and pump leakage check;
Air-conditioning central control system;
Measurement of instrument gas, process gas, N2, etc.
Gas, atmospheric sampler
Failure detection
Gas distribution software
Measuring laboratory gas
Doctors' applications
Solid-state batteries
Air, O2, N2, He, Ar, CO2, H2, CH4, C3H8, N2O, SF6, C3H6, CO, C4H10, and most gases.

Gas flow meter operating principle
Floating ball flowmeter, known as motor flowmeter. It's a variable total area flowmeter. In a vertical tapered tube from bottom to top. The floating ball's force with the annular cross-section is carried by hydrodynamic force. The floating ball may travel freely in the tapered tube. Up and down.

Differential pressure flowmeter - A tool that measures total flow based on the gas pressure created by the flow detecting device placed in the pipeline, the known fluid standard, and the inspection room and pipeline specifications.

The thermal flowmeter is a flowmeter based on thermal diffusion theory. That is, when the fluid passes through the heat-generating item, the heat-generating object is proportional to the fluid flow rate. Series flowmeter sensors contain two RTD standards, one for heat source and one for fluid temperature measurement. When the fluid flows, the temperature differential between the two is linear with the flow rate and microelectronic control technology controls the relationship. Converted to linear output measuring flow signal.

(1) Gas mass flow meter may be utilized at normal temperature and pressure or under high pressure. And this tool can measure data immediately. No pressure adjustment is needed. No flow adjustment is needed. Other goods unmatched this.

(2) It can function at room temperature, 100 degrees or even higher. nitrogen flow meter needs no temperature correction. It can be measured efficiently and immediately.
(3) The gas flow meter is rather broad. Generally speaking, little flow and big flow measurement may be considered. Especially ideal for large-caliber measurements.
(4) Gas mass flowmeter flow resistance is substantially reducing. The capacity to resist medium corrosion is quite robust, with relatively high measurement accuracy.
(5) When the gas mass meteor meter genuinely exits the signal, it will take into consideration the circumstance of each signal and may be shown via remote transmission, which is convenient for other meters. It may also be realized after this. Multi-flow records may be gathered automatically, and data may be conveniently searched anytime, anyplace.
(6) The gas mass flowmeter is easier to install and maintain. Orifice flowmeter may perform various anti-vibration activities.
(7) Many gas mass flow meter applications may be applied in public works. They may be utilized successfully in water treatment management. They may also be employed in oil or gas projects that may be utilized for energy exchange.
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