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A beginner's guide to using wigs to protect your style
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TEMA: A beginner's guide to using wigs to protect your style
A beginner's guide to using wigs to protect your style hace 1 Mes, 1 Semana Karma: 0
When I first wore wigs as a protective style, it took me a while to figure out which ones suited my personal aesthetic and, most importantly, my budget. Fortunately for me, natural hair communities are forming online, and as a result, some nature lovers have YouTube reviews on various wig brands and retail outlets.

Since then, wigs have become increasingly popular among natural people as a protective style. Here's a guide on how to use them when taking care of your natural hair.

1. Find the right wig

Wigs are available at many local beauty supply stores as well as online e-commerce sites such as, . You can browse through several styles based on hair type, length, cut, color and desired parting. Here, you can learn more about my favorite wigs in each category.

Usually, fake wigs are cheaper, but wigs made from fake hair can cost hundreds of dollars, but can be used as a protective wig for months if properly maintained. When finding the right wig, you should also consider the hat structure. Taller wigs usually featured a full-hatted wig made of Swiss lace. Mid-level units tend to go with a lace front, but on a smaller budget, you'll likely get a faux lace wig.

The main difference between Swiss lace and synthetic lace is that the former is more breathable than the latter. In the long run, this can better protect the health of natural hair and scalp.

2. Get your hair ready

Proceed with your training to secure your hairstyle, provided that you have found the right wig. Keep in mind that our natural hair is delicate, so even when we wearing a wig, we have to protect our hair.

The best thing to wear is new, clean and hydrated hair. Avoid pomade and butter that can block scalp pores or leave too much oil on a wig. Put your hair, if possible, into clean corners or two strands. The only way to leave the hair in a bundle is for tangle and dullness in the wig.

Remember, the aim of protective hair is to keep our hair safe and healthy for the long term.

3. Look for your forces

I have learnt to look after my power with the passage of time. First, between two applications, I use beaver oil at least twice a week. Castor oil is intended to boost hair follicles and increase the development of the hair.

Second, when fastening a wig, use the pins to prevent the scalp from scratching and dry hair tearing. I ensure that the pins are moved frequently so that wear and tear are not excessive.

Finally, I try to avoid using glue and tape, as it is known that whole hair bulbs are removed, particularly if a wig is taken out.
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