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Madden 21 Sniping Tips and Tricks
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TEMA: Madden 21 Sniping Tips and Tricks
Madden 21 Sniping Tips and Tricks hace 1 Semana, 4 Días Karma: 0
Agreed, since the game winds, I opted for those who still play and sniper problems one could easily create "how to" sniper guide. Most of what I say here is pretty simple, so many of you already know what I'm saying. Basically, this thread is for noobs (if there is any) go and the basics and some tips. I do not want the filters available, if necessary, because my methods are basically taught how they make their own filters (so hopefully this post will end all those people requesting filters). Most of this information basically copy / paste I some tips that some people a bit back PM'd and I thought I would let everyone get even a look Here it is the best way to make Madden 21 coins.

The fundamentals
When people refer to the times they mean common snipe that player / cards will "fall" at the auction house (AH) every 5 minutes in batches. Most of the times, the times, which ends on: 01 o: 06, when new players start showing in the AH, and on other occasions their following: 02 and 07 and again at 00:00 and 00:05, Only upgrade until you see purchased timer / card with new players, unlike players. Then you know you should in 5 minutes refreshing like crazy start new players in the same catch filter. You have to be fast, there is Toucher coded robot to collect "snipe". Keep in mind that when I say fall at this point, it is not an exact science. Often new batches have to be 30 or 40 second of the minute, so be prepared.

By pressing "Back" in the upper left, you can leave the AH, but the filter must remain intact. This way you do not have to wait 5 minutes every time you want common snipe. I do not recommend leaving AH too long, because if it is late for a few seconds, it is lost.

Tips / tricks
I came to know that Arent's great help filter will get the big fish. Heck, it's also hard to get more than 90 elite for <10k almost every day, so do not expect to be the type that for 101 Bo Jackson Snipes coins. Here you can find some defending tips in Madden 21. The market is changing, so I found Arent filter useful as a good IQ market. Learn to find your own filters, which are less competitive and works for you. One tip is Collectibles (PHS, Trophies, Elite Superbowl moments, etc.) especially if the Gridiron packs are concentrating. Collectibles have less competition as a player because many people want to buy players to add to their team and players are fine to have a collection of collectibles. If you look at the AH, so find the market value then set the following filters you up to a point where only 1 or 2 and 3-5 unsold auctions are sold. This is the climatic ideal sniper. It is not sold by those who do not buy (unless they are not for sale, you can get away from profit), but without dropping even more refreshing drops. Those not primarily sold serve as an indication that competition in this filter is also impossible.
This is a very useful tip: Snipe late at night to get the best deals. Less competition.

To flip
An "Examine" collector, make sure the ones you buy are fired. Multiply the market value of the items that reflect in 9/10 (0.9), and raise at least 500 coins or want to do as far as the benefit) to find a decent price. This "purchase price" should not be the maximum BIN in the filter since you have to first ensure that this is a reasonable price for the common snipe. It should be noted that in the case of the selection filter, it is not necessary to carry out screening tests. In case of sale, / u / Zthet said smart in his post, at his resale value. Remember: you want to make a profit. Re-sell at a certain price a little higher than the lowest value in the ah, when it is useful, this makes it do. The fact that it is takes a long time to sell, does not mean it is, it is not selling. I had the expensive bars they sell, just because someone claims in the last three minutes of the auction the hassle of checking the price and numbers that can be good business. It's a lot depends on luck.

Final note
Well, I hope to have at least one person helped out there. The key to snipers is that it's boring and difficult, and it's going to be days when they literally swim. You should keep it in your head and keep it up. Good luck and snipers.
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