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The Method Of Hair Extensions
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TEMA: The Method Of Hair Extensions
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For many people, hair is very important, and they keep their bristles like this healthy ad and keep it shiny at all costs. However, not everyone has full hair. If you still want long hair or just want fuller hair, you can get hair extensions at the hairdresser. If you are are going to wholesale wigs or hair bundles, click here to get tips for ordering wigs. Next,you are about to know the methods of hair extensions.

The term "hair receiving" basically includes all the processes of processing real or synthetic hair bundles into one's own hair. This allows you to lengthen or compress your clusters. These hair bundles is usually used to make your hair looks thicker. Here you can find the available methods and what to consider.

Hair Extensions: these methods exist
There are several different methods of sending and receiving. They all have a common basic principle: hair bundles is attached to real hair. In many methods, exposure to heat plays an important role. Heat the connecting substance and connect the real hair to the new hair strands like an adhesive.

Heating method: "Seam" of hair extension tape
Artificial keratin is usually used as a binding substance. From a chemical point of view, it is the same as the keratin of the hair itself (our hair is composed of 90% protein). However, high-quality plastics such as polymers can also be used. The connection point between your own hair and the new strands is called bonding. It can be round or flat, depending on the heating method used for hair extension.

The quality of the bond largely determines the durability of the hair extension. Improperly handled bonds can feel uncomfortable or loose-used hair can fall out in the process. By the way, the connection will often loosen alcohol advertising is used. Unfortunately, in most cases, you will feel restrained-especially when lying down. The hair is also scattered, so the mane usually looks unnatural.

Non-heating method: use bonding technology to extend the hair
"Glue strips" play an important role in methods that do not require heating. For example, Hairtalk uses a so-called "sandwich" method: Here, the real hair is fixed one after another, so the hair can be stretched quickly.

The the best hair manufacturer uses only 100% virgin hair quality, thus guaranteeing the best human hair quality available on the market. The hair lasts for about three months and then must be rearranged. In general, artificial hair can be properly kept for about a year.

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