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What Is Coming In Animal Crossing New Horizons May?
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TEMA: What Is Coming In Animal Crossing New Horizons May?
What Is Coming In Animal Crossing New Horizons May? hace 1 Semana, 6 Días Karma: 0
Do you know the reason why Animal Crossing New Horizons is the most popular game in Europe and Asia? It's because there are many real-life festivals that have brought into the game here. What activities will the animal crossing have in May?

There are four themes in May, wedding season, earth day, labor day and Museum Day. In addition, a new group of insects and fish will appear in May, and some of them will no longer appear. Cath them and sell them for ACNH bells. Players who want to collect the atlas should pay attention to the time, and don't miss several groups collecting various creatures.

Wedding Season
The Animal Crossing: New Horizons case for the wedding season comes back from 1 June to 30 June 2021 as part of the April update. The local lovebirds Reese and Cyrus can be found all month long at Photopia on Harvey's Island in the wedding season affair. They are delighted to welcome your assistance every day of the month by decorating a space and taking their wedding pictures! Every day, you will win and trade heart crystals for unique wedding pieces from Cyrus.

Earth Day
The event was from April 23 to May 4. Note that the event is actually starting now, which is an event for the sake of the natural environment. The new NPC gardener will come to the island to sell shrubs, flowers and other plants, and there will be special beaver tour achievements. The main purpose of the activity is to advocate the protection of the environment, and players can experience the environment protection atmosphere through the greening in the game.

Labor Day
The activities are from May 1 to May 7. This is the festival of workers, during the activity, players can get special tickets through labor. You can go to the new incredible island with shipping tickets. There will be a lot of new content on the island, and there will be a NPC stranger.

Museum Day
The International Museum Day celebration is back at Animal Crossing: New Horizons in April from 18 to 31 May 2021! You will engage in a special Stamp Rally in the museum during the International Museum Day celebration. Through speaking with Blathers every day, you will get a stamp card to obtain stamps in every show across the museum. The theme of the event is to commemorate the establishment of the museum and to visit the museum during the event. You can get the corresponding seal, and you can exchange multiple rewards after collecting a certain amount.

Above is the whole contents of the May activity of the Animal Crossing New Horizons. I hope to help you players.
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