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How to Become a Master of CNC Programming
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TEMA: How to Become a Master of CNC Programming
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CNC machine tools set CNC drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes in one. The technical literacy of technical personnel is very high. The numerical control program is the process of using computer language to reflect the processing technology. Technology is the basis of programming. If you don't know the process, you can never say you can program. In fact, when we choose the career of mechanical cutting, it means that the early career is hard and rough. A little basic knowledge learned in the university is very little in the face of the needs of the factory. Mechanical processing engineers, to some extent, are experienced engineers. Therefore, a lot of time must be with the workers, dry lathe, CNC milling machine, grinder, machining center, etc.; then in the office to compile process, estimate material consumption, calculate quota. You must be familiar with the performance of all kinds of machine tools and the skill level of workshop masters. In this way, after 2-3 years of cultivation, you can basically become a qualified technician. From my personal experience, I suggest that young college students who have just started work should learn from the workers with an open mind. Once they can teach you decades of experience, you can avoid many detours. Metal processing Xiaobian believes that, as robots in the new era, our cultural literacy and knowledge reserve are very different from our predecessors. Through the master to pass on their decades of experience to us, at the same time, we increase the study of book theory, find out the reasons from the books, draw inferences from one instance, you will improve very quickly. Book knowledge combined with experience and practice is the necessary way for you to become an excellent craftsman.

In practice, the standard of a good procedure is:
1. Easy to understand, organized, the operator can understand everyone.
2. The fewer instructions in a program segment, the better. It is simple, practical and reliable. From the point of view of programming, I think the instructions are G00 and G01, and the others are auxiliary instructions, which are convenient for programming.
3. Easy to adjust. It is better not to change the program when the machining accuracy of parts needs to be fine tuned. For example, if the tool is worn, to adjust it, just change the length and radius in the tool offset table.
4. Easy to operate. Programming should be based on the operating characteristics of the machine tool, which is conducive to observation, inspection, measurement and safety. For example, the same parts, the same processing content, in the vertical machining center and horizontal machining center processing, the program is certainly not the same.

In machining, the simplest method is the best one. As long as there is practical experience of the peer, presumably will agree with this sentence! Jinfen mall provides you with a lot of excellent books, which is very helpful to promote your study. It can be said that it is a shortcut!

Skilled in operating CNC machine tools. This requires 1-2 years of study, the operation is to pay attention to the handle, beginners, especially college students, understand how to do, but the hands just don't listen. In this process, we should learn: system operation mode, fixture installation, part datum alignment, tool setting, zero offset setting, tool length compensation, radius compensation setting, tool and handle loading and unloading, tool grinding, part measurement (skilled in using vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, dial indicator, inner diameter lever), etc.

The best operation level is horizontal machining center and large gantry (moving beam, top beam) machining center. The practice of operation needs savvy! Sometimes there is a kind of artistic conception of "leisurely heart meeting, the beauty is hard to say with you"! In the numerical control workshop, you calm down and practice well! Generally speaking, the process from the first part machining to the machining accuracy is required to be completed by the NC programming technician himself. If you can't operate the machine tool skillfully, you can't pass this pass. We can draw nutrition from the books of Jinfen mall.

Must have good fixture foundation and measurement technology level. The reason why I list the fixture and measurement technology here is that it plays the same important role in the machining quality of parts as the accuracy of machine tools, and it is one of the symbols reflecting the level of technicians. The whole process system: the accuracy of the machine tool is guaranteed by the machine tool manufacturer, and the cutting tools and cutting parameters are provided by the tool manufacturer. Generally, the problems are not big. Only the fixtures are specially designed for specific parts by the technologists, and most of the parts on the CNC machine tool are difficult, so there are often unpredictable problems. I am engaged in the cutting debugging of CNC machine tool user parts In the past 10 years, the fixture that does not need to be rectified has never happened. When debugging, the first part processing is not qualified, more than half of the reasons are due to the unreasonable positioning, clamping point and clamping force of the fixture. The difficulty of fixture analysis is that it can only be qualitative, but it is difficult to be quantitative. If you have no experience in fixture design and parts clamping, it will be very difficult. In this aspect of learning, it is suggested to do precision coordinate boring machine senior technicians consult. Accurate level measurement is one of the basic skills in machining. You should be able to skillfully use vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, dial indicator, inner diameter lever gauge, calipers, etc. Sometimes parts processing, CMM is not expected. It must be measured by hand. Just imagine, which leader and worker master will trust you if the quantity of parts is not accurate? It takes a long time to practice the measurement technique well.
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