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The use of an plastic injection molding process
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TEMA: The use of an plastic injection molding process
The use of an plastic injection molding process hace 1 Mes, 1 Semana Karma: 0
Moldplasticinjection. com demonstrated the potential of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) for medical applications on a PX 25 at Equiplast, an international plastics and rubber exhibition held Sept.  14-18 in Barcelona.  Even when working with such a delicate material, the SilcoSet Technology and the APC plus machine function ensure that every part is a good part.  Caps for soft drinks will be produced by yet another PX 160 from the all-electric injection molding series.  This machine, with its low energy consumption and APC plus features, as well as the High Performance Screw, which allows for the safe processing of recyclates, is an excellent match for the requirements of the circular economy

We are delighted to be able to meet with our customers personally again following the Covid 19 pandemic.  We will be able to show them our latest innovations and applications," said Ricardo Coscollola, from the moldplasticinjection.  com representative in Spain, Coscollola Comercial SL.  According to the company, "the Spanish market for plastics applications is showing signs of recovery, and we anticipate further growth in the near future. "

Using LSR, every component is beneficial.
Processing LSR is difficult, and it necessitates the use of an plastic injection molding process that is sophisticated down to the smallest detail in order to achieve success.  When used in conjunction with an 8-cavity mold, an Equiplast PX 25 all-electric Injection Molding machine produced an ultra-lightweight micro-diaphragm with an average mass of 0. 0375 grams.  Thirty seconds are required for one cycle.

Precision metering of such small shot weights is achieved through the use of a metering system developed by Nexus Elastomer Systems, which is a partner in this endeavor.  The high-precision metering of the low-viscosity material is made possible by the compact system design.  It is the specially designed 12 mm screw from moldplasticinjection.  com that allows for the plastification of the micro-shot weights, which is what allows for the production of such small weights.

The automation at moldplasticinjection.  com has also been specifically tailored to this complex application. . While the part is still in the mold, a fine blade integrated into the gripper is used to cut the slots in the flexible micro-diaphragm.  This saves time during the cycle process, which is extremely valuable to businesses.  KUKA IR 6 R 900 Agilus IR robot assists in the demolding and bagging process in the system, which is monitored by a camera system.

Offerings from Equiplast's PX 25 include a digital solution for process improvement, as well as for data collection and evaluation.  The APC Plus (Adaptive Process Control) machine function also demonstrates its strengths in this micro-plastic injection molding company molding automation task with LSR, ensuring high shot weight consistency and, as a result, uniform component quality throughout the entire process flow.  For the cost-intensive material LSR, this is a compelling argument.

On a PX 160, you can apply caps quickly.
Soft drink caps will be produced by another PX 160 (clamping force 1600 kN).  With a shot weight of 50 gr and cycle times of 7 seconds in a 24-cavity mold, it is an excellent example of how speed applications in the caps and closures market can be accomplished.  It is polypropylene that is being processed.

In conjunction with the machine function APC plus, the moldplasticinjection.  com High Performance Screw ensures the highest level of precision and process stability when working with virgin, recycled, or bioplastic plastic.  When it comes to circular economy, the all-electric PX series from moldplasticinjection.  com is a perfect solution because of its low energy consumption and the ability to safely process recycled materials.
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