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What is the best way to store wigs?
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TEMA: What is the best way to store wigs?
What is the best way to store wigs? hace 2 Semanas Karma: 0
How Do I Fold My Wigs?
Folding techniques for wigs vary according to the length of the human hair wigs. 

For longer-length wigs: First, fold it inside out. Then fold it in half and make sure at the end to wrap the fiber of the water wave lace front wig around itself.

For shorter-length wigs: Fold the wig inside out at first and then fold it in half.

For all folding, make sure to not pull on the layered straight wig fibers too hard and be gentle with all your wigs.

Once your wig is clean, it’s time to find a place for it. Does it need packed away for a short time, like a week or two? If you’re
traveling or moving, you only need a short-term solution. At, we love the ResQ bag by Amy Gibson. This handy little wig store bag has a mesh lining to prevent tangling and frizz. Plus, it comes in 3 cute colors: pink, black, or leopard print. For short wigs, you should fold it inside out and then fold it in half. For a long wig, you also fold it inside out and then in half, but then be sure to wrap the fibers around your cap.

Here are a few things you should ensure before you start storing your human hair wigs. 

Cleanse and condition your HD lace wig before storing it:
Similar to how you probably won't go to sleep with a dirty head, you should not store your wig when it's dirty. Your HD lace wigs or any
other affordable lace front wigs trap dirt, oil, and other bacteria into it as you wear it outside, just like any other human hair. So, firstly, you
should shampoo it properly and wash it. Then you should also condition it, so it remains as smooth as it is previously. Let the wig air dry,
and then think about storing it. Beware! You should never store damp wigs as they are more prone to attracting and trapping dirt and other

Make sure your wig is completely dry before storing it

Okay, here comes the most important part: Johnson says your wig needs to be 100 percent dry before you even think about storing it. "Storing
a wig that's wet—or even slightly damp—can lead to mold and mildew," she says, so please don't do it. If you're working with a human-hair
wig, you can use a blow dryer (and heat protectant) to speed up the process, but synthetic wigs should be completely air-dried to prevent any

Comb Your Wig:
After your wig has finished air drying, you should adequately comb it to free it of any tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb for this purpose. If
you skip this step, your wig will get extremely tangled up when you take it out of storage. Just like your own hair become entangled when you
wake up in the morning after you didn't brush it the previous night. Do not skip this step when storing your HD lace wigs and other human
hair wigs. 

Don't Store Your Wig Near Sunlight:
Sunlight can adversely affect your wig. It can be a significant factor in the color of your wig fading away. Moreover, sunlight can destroy
your wigs in the sense that it will weaken the hair fibers and make your wigs weak. 

Storing Wigs Without a Wig Head:

Most people worry that they will not store their wigs properly because they don't have a wig head. False! There are many ways to store your
wigs if you don't have a wig head. The best part of these methods is that they are all extremely budget-friendly. 

Use the Original Packaging:

The box and packing material the company packed your wigs in are the best storage solution. Those boxes were specifically designed to protect
your wig until it reached you. Therefore, your best choice is to pack it in the same material. 

Keep Your Wigs in Your Closet:

Another budget-friendly and accessible solution are to keep it in your closet. In this way, you should adequately fold your wig after doing
the steps mentioned above. Ensure the wig in your closet is away from the rest of your stuff. Furthermore, make sure the close area is cool
and dry before placing your wig there. For extra care, keep the human hair wigs in an airtight bag or container.

Use a Shoebox:
Do you have empty shoeboxes lying around from your collection of shoes? If yes, you are in luck, as shoe boxes are another perfect way to
store your wigs:

1. Clean the tissue box with a damp cloth to get rid of any germs and dirt.

2. Make sure the box is dry before you move on to storing your wig. Like we say, a cool and dry place is your wig's best friend. Now line the
box with tissue paper and then fold your wig from ear to ear.

3. Gently place the wig in the box and then store the box wherever you want. 

Use a hairnet: 
The same hairnet your mother or grandmother might wear over their bun can become your partner for storing wigs. Whether it is your HD lace
wigs or kinky Brazilian wigs, all of them will stay perfectly styled in a hairnet. Hence, if you can find a hairnet to place your wig in, do
not hesitate. After doing so, you can follow any of the above methods to store your wigs without worrying about them being ruined in style.

Use an airtight bag:
An airtight bag will keep out moisture from reaching your wigs. Moisture can adversely affect your wig as it can, just like sunlight, weaken
the fibers and fade the color. Moreover, an airtight bag will also protect your wig from dirt, germs, and other airborne dangerous particles
that could cost you your lovely wig. 

Storing Wigs with a Wig Head:
We can not deny the fact that a wig head is your best choice when storing wigs. Apart from your wigs being displayed for everyone to admire,
a wig head keeps your wigs perfectly styled. The wig head is usually placed on your dresser, so your wigs are easily accessible. Furthermore,
it saves time as you pick the wig up and place it on your head. 
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