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Gamers are unable to stop themselves from enclosing their favorite characters in
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TEMA: Gamers are unable to stop themselves from enclosing their favorite characters in
Gamers are unable to stop themselves from enclosing their favorite characters in hace 2 Semanas Karma: 0
There are no two anime characters who are exactly alike in appearance or personality. A character's sense of style or calm demeanor can be commemorated by fans through the purchase of miniatures or plushies. Anime character PC cases have become increasingly popular among gamers as a newer trend.

In social media, it's quite the sight to see rigs with tiny LCD screens visible through a PC case with transparent side panels go viral. When other elements of the PC pulse RBG lights, these small LCDs are commonly used to display a character animation looped in time. The anime characters are usually depicted as either powerful or cute, depending on the tone of the respective franchise. Using Kakashi, a ninja and respected teacher from Naruto, fans can launch a devastating attack on the character.

Even though there are a number of companies that manufacture this type of computer hardware, NZXT components are frequently seen in social media clips. Among the high-end components available from NZXT is an "AIO liquid cooler with LCD display," which is designed to keep a computer's internal temperature stable. The accompanying screens are intended to assist users in determining their body temperature; however, because you can custom LCDto display anything you want, fans like to get creative with their display options. People quickly took advantage of the feature, which allows them to display any gif or image on the LCD screen, including their favorite anime characters.
Between $229.99 and $279.99, you can get an AIO liquid cooler with an LCD display. In an email, NZXT CEO Johnny Hou stated that the hardware has "been one of the most popular CPU coolers on the market."According to Hou, seeing the little screen in action on social media helped to demonstrate to people the appeal and degree of personalization that is possible.

People have been posting pictures of the coolers on social media since they were released in the fall of 2020, but TikTok has brought the LCD panels in front of millions of new viewers since it launched in November of 2018. The anime heroines swinging their hips to the song 2 Pht Hn are frequently depicted on the beverage coolers. A wider range of properties, from well-known anime characters such as Darling in the Franxx to lesser-known characters such as Muse Dash, were included in the development of this movement.

Some people, such as Twitch streamer Emmesux, used it as an additional method of customizing their PC configuration. Her claim is that she only purchased the Kraken for show. Who is the person she has chosen to be her protagonist? Killua Zodyck, from Hunter x Hunter

Killua's depiction on the  LCD screenwill be changed on a regular basis by Emmesux in order to keep her setup interesting. It is during the darker episodes of the anime that Killua is most intense and powerful. Others depictions of him are more gentle, such as when he's laughing with his friends or when he's talking to a female companion. According to TikTok selections, characters trapped in computer cases frequently express a similar spectrum of tones and emotions.
Individuals who prefer lighter, more airy ambiances have also been welcomed into the PC hardware craze, which is a wonderful thing. Each and every person, regardless of fandom or gender, has a favorite character, and these LCD panels provide a new way to express that love through technology. A well-designed persona is something that we all enjoy seeing.
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